Carpet Cleaning in Launceston

Our method for cleaning carpets is unique in comparison to other carpet cleaning companies in that we don’t use a single drop of water. Our process ensures that there is no possibility of shrinkage or colour run to your carpet giving you complete peace of mind.

Green Carpet Clean use a natural biodegradable eco-friendly product which is completely safe for children and pets. We are Woolsafe accredited and Woolsafe trained, meaning we have the expert knowledge required to treat your wool carpets accordingly.

We offer a free consultation and we’re completely transparent when it comes to offering the best advice to help you make an informed decision when having your carpets cleaned.

Benefits of Professional Dry Carpet Cleaning

Because we don’t use any water to clean your carpets, they are ready to use and walk on immediately. There is no downtime, making our method for cleaning carpets the ideal solution for homes and businesses.

By leaving carpets in a dry state, they are better protected against stains and dirt in the future meaning your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

We don’t use liquid detergents which attract dirt and can become an environment for germs to develop. Your children can play safely and there’s no impact on the family pets.